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The Sunburys are a svelte, energetic three-piece soul rock band from Brisbane, Australia, featuring Anthony Dettori (guitar, vocals), Scott Lapthorne (drums, percussion), Derek Haas (bass, backing vocals), and the occasional celebrity import.

As their name (referencing the legendary music festival) may suggest, The Sunburys sound evokes oldschool soul rock influences - from 40 years of British rock, American legends (Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Wilco) to great Australian songwriters like Tim Rogers, Paul Kelly, and Stevie Wright.

Deft songsmiths and gutsy performers, The Sunburys are a band of craft and character who rank substance over style and integrity over celebrity.

This no-nonsense attitude was evident on the band’s rollicking debut album, ‘Here Comes the Sunburys’, released in 2009 to critical acclaim:

“…A taut and powerful debut…. This is impressive.” – TOM Magazine.

One simply couldn’t ask for a more finely constructed or intelligently balanced debut album.” – Time Off (4.5/5 stars).

The new You Am I? Could be a thought.” – Rave Magazine.

The ABC and community radio played several songs from ‘Here Comes…’, with Adelaide’s 3D radio also declaring the record ‘Album of the Week’.

But The Sunburys are not the type to stay and gloat. Setting a cracking pace, they’ve spent 2010 not only playing shows all over in support of ‘Here Comes…’ but also writing and recording the bulk of two follow-up albums, with the next instalment ‘Swings & Roundabouts’ out on December 3rd 2010.

Produced by Jeff Lovejoy at Blackbox Studios, ‘Swings & Roundabouts’ captures a live studio performance with minimal overdubs, preserving the dynamic energy and no-nonsense attitude of The Sunburys’ live shows.

Album highlights include the blistering single ‘Lock it Away Revisited’ and the dish best served cold, ‘Vengeance’. Both cathartic, and less messy than taking it outside.

Slightly more mellow, but continuing the theme of rebellion, ‘Running in the Rain’ is a deliberate shrug in the direction of those whose own lack of courage leads them to try to restrict others.

The album’s quieter moments hint at the songwriter Anthony Dettori’s depth, bringing texture and shade without resorting to rock balladeer cliches.  The plucky acoustic love song ‘Hold on to Me’ (written on Grand Final Day 2009) somehow manages to simultaneously celebrate blokedom, AFL and romance.

Similarly, closing track ‘The Cricket’s on the Radio’ (which saw it’s debut on ABC Radio at The Gabba for the 2010 Ashes series) will strike a chord with those for whom summer is all about long lazy humid days, listening to the cricket and enjoying a fragile festive peace with one’s family.

Also rather endearing is ‘The Switch’ – based on a merry, drunken conversation with a girl who was, with reckless disregard for fashion, moving to The Planet Ipswich – a place unlike anywhere else on Earth.

And the title track (and live favourite) ‘Swings & Roundabouts’ captures everything the band is about: rock with soul, wit without arrogance, charm without ego.  Because life is simple, if you make it - but that’s a complicated thing to do.

Both Sunburys albums are available through Handsome Devil Records / MGM Distribution (catalogue reference numbers SUNCD01 and SUNCD02 respectively), as well as online through the usual digital distributors.

Influences: Billy Bragg, Bob Dylan, Wilco, Tom Petty, Neil Young, The Clash, The Jam, The Faces, Oasis, Steve Marriott, Paul Weller, Eric Burdon, Buzzy Linhart, The Who, Rory Galagher, The Replacements.